Radio Velvet curates world class art and photographic exhibitions under the skilful guidance of art director, Eddie Zammit. 

To date we have used over one hundred and twenty artists of the highest calibre from around the world. The Mickey Mouse Art House exhibition, in using the talents of ninety artists, was believed to be the largest artistic collaboration in Disney's extraordinary history, anywhere in the world.

In the couple of years since founding, Radio Velvet has exhibited acclaimed installations including:

• Masters of the Universe "Remastered"

• Star Wars

• Mickey Mouse Art House - 90th year celebration

• Iconic Women - 4 female artists collaborating with world renowned photographer, Terry O'Neill showcasing 50 female icons.

• Marvel Comics - 80th birthday 

• Sesame Street - 50 Years

Masters of the Universe "Remastered"


Star Wars and the Last Jedi

Disney Mickey - 90th Year Celebrations

Marvel Comics 80th birthday

Sesame Street 50 Years & Counting

Radio Velvet Pop-Up Gallery

Iconic Women Collaboration

A past collaboration between 4 female artists and world renowned photographer, Terry O'Neill showcasing 50 female icons